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I am a Devon photographer capturing weddings and families

My name is Laurie and I am a freelance photographer and film maker living in Plymouth, Devon. I am a 40 year old (almost 41 gulp) mummy of three crazy, but gorgeous boys.

I studyied photography at Plymouth College of Art and Design, and then went on to Loughborough University and expanded my studies to 3D Design.

I have always been super creative and I love anything that allows me to be creative. Cake Making, Arts and Crafts, Lego, building sandcastles, making films with the kids, making halloween outfits, theatre, singing, dancing, decorating the house... I love it all.

I was born in Leicestershire and lived there until I was 18 when I moved to the south west and worked as a children's entertainer and singer on holiday parks for a few years, and then I met Dave (my husband) at decided to go back to university to study photography in 2009.

Fast forward 14 years and here I am still loving photography.

Get out of your comfort zone

































I really hate having my photograph taken, I know how it feels to feel anxious in front of the camera, so I try to make sure that all my clients feel super relaxed and often don't even realise that I am taking their photo.

Recently, my mate Melanie (also a photographer), persuaded me to get out of my comfort zone and do a birthday photoshoot. 

It was so much fun and great reminder that we might be grown up on paper but we’re still juvenile at heart. My advice to clients is to never wear anything heavily logoed, so it was an odd choice for me to turn up in a Mickey Mouse jumper dressed like a 10 year old. Before Mel had even got her camera out of the bag, the giant helium 4 and 0 were stuck in the rafters of the A38 flyover. Add to that vandalism*, theft*, trespassing*, day drinking in public*, parkour, long boarding blind into an old woman and getting stuck in one of the bowls in the skatepark, I think you'll agree, not the actions of two sensible women in their 40's. 

But as you can see from the photos it was lots of fun.

I am a Devon photographer capturing families and weddings
I am a Devon photographer capturing families and weddings
I am a Devon photographer capturing families and weddings
I am a Devon photographer capturing families and weddings

Personal Projects


As a family, we love spending time making films and playing with stop frame animation. Whether we are doing them to capturing everyday memories, part of the kids 'Show and Tell' for school, or just something to do on a rainy day, its something we all like to get involved with.

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